Are You Taking Steps to Protect the Environment?

Are You Taking Steps to Protect the Environment?

Install a secondary containment liner beneath your fuel storage tanks

The EPA required secondary containment in certain circumstances. However, the last thing you want is for your fuel tanks to leak fuel into the ground, thus posing a threat to local water supplies. We can help prevent such a disaster. Turn to Elkhorn Tank Services Inc for a secondary containment liner installation.

Your tank is the first line of defense against leaking fuel. But what if your fuel tank springs a leak? That's where secondary containment liners come in. They're there as an emergency backup, to prevent leaks from spreading. We'll empty, clean and remove your fuel tanks. After that, our crew will install a secondary liner and re-install your tanks.

We won't slow down your operation

Elkhorn Tank Services takes on secondary containment liner installation projects of all kinds. We can conduct a secondary containment liner installation on your active site. Our experts will work quickly, safely and efficiently to install your secondary liner without causing delays to your operation.

Call 208-539-6253 today to schedule secondary containment liner installation services.