Extend the Life of Your Tank

Extend the Life of Your Tank

See why lining your water & fuel tank is a smart investment

Water and fuel tank liners aren't just beneficial. They're necessary. They extend the life of your water tanks by halting the effects of rust on the inside, which eliminates the additional cost of early replacement of tanks. Fuel tank liners help to keep facilities up to date with state environmental demands in addition to preventing leaks that could cause catastrophic damage to your property, and keep pathogens, bacteria and mold from entering our precious water supply.

Elkhorn Tank Services Inc maintains liners on all types of tanks. We can sand blast your water tank and paint a durable epoxy lining on the interior of your tank. Our team will work quickly to minimize disruption to your operation.

3 important reasons to line your water tanks

Elkhorn Tank Services offers dependable tank lining services. Our crew has experience lining chemical, water, gas and fuel tanks.

You should install a tank liner on your water tank because:

State Environmental Requirements
Extends the life of your tank
Prevents costly leaks

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