Who Offers Fuel Tank Sales in Hagerman & Wendell, ID & the Pacific Northwest?

Elkhorn Tank Services sells and installs new and used fuel tanks throughout the Pacific Northwest

If you need a safe way to store fuel on-site, contact Elkhorn Tank Services, Inc. for fuel tank sales in the Hagerman & Wendell, ID area. We also service the entire Pacific Northwest region. We have new and used options to meet your needs.

We buy old tanks and prepare them for safe usage. They’re cleaned, inspected and welded, if necessary. They are delivered and stood up. We’ll set up your tanks to ensure they meet proper safety measures and EPA regulations.

Contact Elkhorn Tank Services today for new and used fuel tank sales and replacements in Hagerman & Wendell, ID and Pacific Northwest.

Buying fuel at bulk prices saves big

Buying fuel at bulk prices saves big

Many customers have storage for a once a year purchase. Larger operations buy twice or more per year. Let us know your yearly fuel consumption and we can help design a facility to fit your needs and save thousands each year.

Added benefits of having a fuel tank on site for your business include:

  • Saving you money by buying at the lowest prices each year
  • Enabling you to know what your fuel costs are
  • Purchasing bulk transport loads saves you time and money

You should fill your tank when fuel prices are ideal, typically in the winter. Call 208-539-6253 today for bulk storage tanks delivered in Hagerman & Wendell, ID and the entire Pacific Northwest.

Used Tank Inventory List

1 - 20,000 gallon vertical
4 - 20,000 gallon horizontals
1 - 18,000 gallon vertical
2 - 10,000 gallon verticals
2 - 10,000 gallon horizontals
2 - 6,000 gallon verticals
1 - 6,000 gallon horizontal
1 - 4,000 gallon horizontal
1 - 4,000 gallon vertical